April 9, 2020 /

Mike Pence Is Having A Temper Tantrum

CNN viewers may have noticed a couple of things missing. That isn’t by accident.

Image credit DonkeyHotey

If you’ve been watching CNN lately you may have noticed an absence of something. Well, actually two things. First is the nonstop coverage of Donald Trump’s daily press briefings campaign rallies. Second is the absence of any of the actual voices of reason from the government, like Dr. Fauci. Well it turns out there is a reason for that, and it is not because of CNN.

Pence’s office, which is responsible for booking the officials on networks during the pandemic, said it will only allow experts such as Dr. Deborah Birx or Dr. Anthony Fauci to appear on CNN if the network televises the portion of the White House briefings that includes the vice president and other coronavirus task force members.

So Pence’s office is saying in order to exercise the right of a free press, they must first succumb to the propaganda put out by Trump and Pence on a daily basis.

In a just world this would be illegal. In a Democratic run United States of America, this would spark calls of impeachment from the GOP and end of the world breaking news banners on Fox News. Instead we get silence.

Sadly this boils down to the person, who is supposedly heading the government’s pandemic response, having a temper tantrum similar to that of a toddler. I got to give kudos to CNN for holding their ground and not succumbing to this highly undemocratic demand by Pence.

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