HHS Vows A "Tech Surge" To Fix

With the countless problems still plaguing and a deadline approaching, the government is stepping up actions to try and remedy the problems.

HIJACKED! Million Vet March Organizers Fire Back

What was supposed to be an apolitical march to reopen national memorials honoring our veterans got turned into a political rally by the Tea Party and the march organizer are not happy at all. Problems

With the launch of the healthcare exchanges, technical problems have prevented people from signing up, including yours truly.

Want Solar Panels? Hit Up Ikea

The big Swedish furniture chain will now enter the renewable energy market by making solar panels more readily accessible to consumers in the UK.

Decreased Profits For Darden Owned Restaurants Will Really Hit The Wait Staff

This week we found out that Darden owned resteraunts, Red Lobster and Olive Garden, saw sharp declines in profits last quarter. But did you know that Darden has tried to put more financial libaility on their employees, namely the wait staff.

Report That Aaron Alexis Was 'Obsessed With Violent Video Games'

As a picture is being painted of the man who took 13 lives in a shooting spree in the Navy Yard yesterday, the old NRA argument is resurfacing.

State Of New York Files Lawsuit Against 'Trump University'

The media whore and birther hero is now facing a serious challenge coming from his own state. The Attorney General of New York has announced a $40 million lawsuit against The Don.

Oklahoma Is No Stranger To Race Violence

With all the talk of race this week, it's time to look back on another shooting that plagued Oklahoma only a year ago, and one in which race was a factor.

Why Did Duncan, Ok. Officials Try To Cover Up A Key Fact In Chris Lane's Murder?

What started as a story in the Australian media has now transformed into what could be a larger omission by officials in the Christopher Lane murder case.

A Horrific Crime In Oklahoma Exposes The Deep Seeded Racism Of The Right (Part 2)

We continue our look into what happened to Christopher Lane and how the right has twisted it into a false issue of race.

A Horrific Crime In Oklahoma Exposes The Deep Seeded Racism Of The Right (Part 1)

A horrible crime has happened in rural Oklahoma. What would normally be seen as another murder has been transformed into an attempt by the right to create a larger narrative of race.

God Denies Family Exit From United States

New Ricin Arrest - A Republican And Suspected Child Molester

Wingnut Bloggers Have Already Convicted Paul Kevin Curtis

Ricin Suspect Released. Possible Framed??


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