Boehner’s Error Filled FEC Filings

It looks like John Boehner has a problem with accurately filing paperwork required under the FEC:

Since 1996, Boehner's congressional campaign committee has received 63 letters from the Federal Election Commission requesting "additional information" to correct seeming errors in reports the committee submitted.

That total surpasses similar FEC requests to Ohio's 17 other representatives. Rep. Steven LaTourette, R-Bainbridge Township, is second with 40.

Instead of addressing the issue, Boehner’s people decided to take the approach of a juvenile:

"There is zero comparison between an administration using fictitious data to sell a failing 'stimulus' and a campaign that files amendments to keep its FEC reports as accurate, updated, and transparent as possible," said Don Seymour, a spokesman for Boehner's campaign committee.

They couldn’t even own up to their mistakes? This really would have been a non-story if they didn’t jump on the “Timmy did it to mom” defense. Instead Boehner has now proved that he doesn’t have what it takes to lead by not being able to accept his own responsibility.