Bush Failing On Intelligence

Whenever someone brings up the intelligence failures that lead to 9/11, they always point the finger at "intelligence sharing". The administration has done the exact same thing. Now Bush has had the tools to correct those problems, yet he has failed to implement them:

A House subcommittee has concluded that the Bush administration has been slow to implement major changes in information sharing and other key provisions of the 2004 law that overhauled the U.S. intelligence community.

The Intelligence panel’s report, which is scheduled to be officially released Thursday, found that the administration has failed to revamp its approach to information analysis, neglecting large swaths of potentially useful data. The report also found that the new Office of the Director of National Intelligence has done a poor job of prioritizing key tasks.

Sources familiar with the contents of the report provided details of its findings late Wednesday, but requested anonymity because it had not yet been publicly released.

The report was produced by the House Intelligence Oversight Subcommittee, a panel that Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich., formed after he became chairman of the overall Intelligence Committee in 2004. As its first job, the subcommittee reviewed how the 2004 intelligence overhaul (PL 108-458) was being implemented.

So when will Pat Roberts get around to releasing that report on the intelligence failures on the lead up to Iraq? It is only two years past due.