MOMMY! My Principal is a terroist

KOMO news in Des Moines, Iowa has reported that 57 year old Cecilia Beaman, a middle school principal, is now on the terrorist watch list. Mrs. Beamen did the unthinkable. She accidently misplaced a rounded edged butter knife. To make matters even worse, she committed this felonious act while chaperoning 37 middle school students on a trip.

Seems more and more, the people of this country are becoming the criminals, and the criminals are becoming the saints. At least it is that way in the eyes of the government. As you can see by the new Dubya quote generator, even our President can make a mistake. Why is it that people in this country can no longer make a simple error? Is it true that we are now resorting to criminalizing those who made a simple mistake? And, are we now guilty until proven innocent?

If all this is true, then I must say congratulations to the terroists that struck us on September 11, for they have won. President Bush has said time and time again that they hate us because of our freedoms. Well we continue to limit those freedoms more and more. If that is the true reason they hate us, then are we not admitting our loss in this war? Have we finally stripped away the rights that have made us a great nation because of the failing war effort.

This is another sign that it is time Americans to take back America. This is our country that our forefathers fought and died for. Our government, by trampling the rights of its citizens, is now acting in a way that our enemies would. That is intolerable.

The full text of the article as reported on KOMO can be seen here.