Opposition to the War Grows - Why Are Americans So Wrong?!?!

Looks like Americans are still not pleased with Iraq, no matter how many new catch phrases the administration comes up with:

Negative assessments of the war in Iraq -- the central issue in last month's midterm election -- continue to hold down President Bush's job approval ratings and could cast a pall on the final two years of his presidency.

In a new Post-ABC News poll, seven in 10 Americans disapprove of the way the president is handling the situation in Iraq -- the highest percentage since the March 2003 invasion. Six in 10 say the war was not worth fighting.

While both gauges on the war have been negative since late 2004, Bush's approval rating on Iraq has deteriorated further since early October, likely weakened by recent high-profile criticisms of the administration's Iraq policy.

The bleak appraisals of the war include the release last week of the much-anticipated report from the Iraq Study Group, a bipartisan government advisory panel, which described conditions in Iraq as "grave and deteriorating."

Well now, I know that is only one poll. Let's try another just released:

As President Bush weighs options for changing course in Iraq, Americans are more pessimistic on the war and most support a quick withdrawal of U.S. troops, according to a new USA TODAY/Gallup poll.

More than half of the respondents, or 55 percent, want most U.S. troops withdrawn within a year, but only 18 percent believe that will happen, USA Today reported on Tuesday.

Of course we are a country of idiots. Bush will be dead by the time everyone sees he did the right thing. To me, Bush should be sent for a psychiatric evaluation. The fact someone is in such denial, especially the leader of our country, is scary. We have so many problems in the world and the last thing we need is to keep a lunatic in charge.

Perhaps Charlie Manson will be dead by the time they get it right about his legacy also </sarcasm>