Please Help The NSA

There is talk of investigations, legislations and lawsuits into the NSA wiretapping program. We are in a war on terror and we must support those who are defending our freedoms by infringing upon them.

Considering we could be looking at a loss of jobs over this I believe it is time for Americans to step up and make their contribution to Bush and his program designed to "protect us".

I suggest the following. Everyone needs to start making phone calls. Call whoever you can think off. Hell - hang up and call them back a few times. Need to know the time? Call that number.

The whole idea is that we make sure those dedicated workers at the NSA have plenty of data to mine through should they not be able to get these records anymore. They say this is the biggest database in the world but I have trouble believing that. With the help of everyone out there we can make sure this does become the biggest database.

Just please make sure you are making legal calls. Don't call strangers and hang up or breath heavily for them. The person on the other end of the line might not enjoy that one. Make sure the calls are to people you know and make sure you use different numbers. Go for cell phones, home, work. You can even use that fax line and talk to them from that.

If someone really wants to help out these hard workers at the NSA then go ahead and get the phone numbers changed. They like a challenge and a few million number changes is the kind of puzzle that will help keep them entertained.