Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is drawing battle lines against the powerful NRA by forming a new gun safety advocacy group.
Random thoughts and quick news

19 days after the discovery of the most serious security flaw in the world of the internet, and the government finally gets around to checking and realizing it is affected. Yesterday I wrote a blog post about how the NSA's knowledge of the bug may have undermined national security and most likely put into jeopardy the personal information of millions of the citizens the agency is charged with protecting. Now we'll probably have the GOP going after the administration over the slow response to Heartbleed, and I can't blame them one bit. The fix for this bug is very simple and on average takes about 30 seconds. Why wasn't the government on it as soon as news broke and updates pushed out? Hell, why doesn't the government just do regular security updates of their software for that matter? There needs to be answers to this.


A Peoria family was met with horror this week as police knocked down their doors, seized their electronic devices and hauled them in for questioning. The reason for such a police action? Apparently one member is behind a fake Twitter account that impersonates the mayor of Peroria, Il. The charges he is facing? False personation of a public official, a Class A misdemeanor in the state. 

The big name 2016 GOP hopefuls apparently don't want to jump into the Cliven Bundy fiasco. The Hill has asked Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio for their opinions of the Nevada Rancher's stand off with the government and all three have refused to answer.True how can one say they stand for law and order, when this is a case of someone breaking the law and the right helping him avoid justice?

The Pasteur Institute in France has lost over 2,300 vials of the SARS virus. Thankfully the lab and independent groups have determined the missing samples to not be infectious. Well at least that's what we're hoping...

The federal government has seized 250 cattle and 1,000 horses from ranchers in Nevada. If you think this is the Bundy ranch, think again.
Many on the left are upset over the resignation of Kathleen Sebelius as head of Health and Human Services. That response seems more emotional, but let's look at it from a rational side.
Rumors started flying last week and now CBS has made the official announcement, Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman as the host of The Late Show.
It hasn't even been 24 hours since newly appointed Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich, resigned his position over complaints of his support for Prop 8. Now the right is in full frenzy, preaching about tolerance.
When news of todays Ft. Hood shooting broke, it didn't take long for the vitrolic right to jump to their conclusions.
Last week Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, appointed Brendan Eich as the new CEO. Following the news, Mozilla has now found them in a huge battle over marriage equality that might not end well for the popular web browser.
The pundits are predicting a lot of doom and gloom for Democrats this fall, but that doesn't need to be the case. They can easily turn things around, and here's how.
Changes are very common around here, but this is one I like the best and lets me include a new feature I have been wanting to do for a long time.
So there has been a big blow up following Matt Drudge making a tweet about having to pay his penalty on the Affordable Care Act. Let's dive into that, show how the right and left are both wrong and then how Matt Drudge has no one to blame but himself.
The first month of legalized marijuana sales in Colorado has shown a great new revenue source for the state, which is seen as a total failure from the right.
McClatchy has done some digging and what they found could be explosive.
Over the weekend Apple quietly rolled out a patch to their mobile iOS operating system, which security experts say fixes one of the most major security flaws ever. But fixing it just will not sufice this time.