Many want us to think that mandated paid sick days would be some sort of socialism, however we can now easily see that it is more a matter of public health.
Random thoughts and quick news

Goes to Steven Kraus, a tea-partier from Ohio. He was indicted on burglary, theft and breaking and entering. This marks the first new indictment of the 114th. We already got some members under indictment, like Michael Grimm. At this rate we could see more scandal than the 109th, which just so happens to be the last time the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. 


Perhaps the chicken should become the mascot of the Democratic Party. After running from their own platform and accomplishments this past cycle, they are hell bent on proving that they care nothing about principal, only polls. The latest act of treason against Democratic principals comes from congressional Democrats and the pending executive action on immigration. Now Democrats want President Obama to wait before taking any executive action. At this point, the Democrats might as well stay in the corner, cowering and capitulating to anything the Republicans want.

The Senate Democrats have created a new "liaison" leadership position for Elizabeth Warren. First reaction is that this sounds great, but the cynic in me can't help but wonder if this isn't some sort of lip-service to the progressive base from the stalwarts, like Harry Reid, which holds the job someone like Warren should have gotten. 

Following Oregon, Alaska and DC legalizing marijuana last week, the UN is now injecting itself into the debate, saying that the measures violate UN anti-drug treaties. This will pose a very interesting question in rather the Republicans will use this to attack the Obama administration, which would be spark a great debate, given the GOP's opposition to the UN and support of violation of previous treaties, like the Geneva Conventions. 

With the passing of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the focus must now turned on the horribly failed response of the Texas healthcare system.
A man known to make threats against the President has a new group on Facebook and Facebook thinks it is fine and dandy
Our country is broke and can't afford to keep supporting freeloaders, so let's make a change!
In 2012, President Obama appeared in Cincinnati, Ohio to discuss spending on our crumbling highways and bridges. Republicans instantly called it pork, and political games, but now the reality is setting in even more.
With the leak of nude celebrity photos and Apple now trying to claim no responsibility, it's time to look at taking our business else where, and here's why.
Seems like we might have the start of a defense growing for Darren Wilson, the officer that gunned down and unarmed black teen in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.
Here's a story that really puts some perspective on what is happening in Ferguson right now.
With all the news being about the Ebola outbreak, and with an election quickly approaching, we need to start discussing more changes to make healthcare become a right and not a commodity.
A new acquisition is announced today, continuing a troubling streak that is going to put our economy in even more risk.
The influx of children crossing the border into Texas, escaping the violence in Central America has sparked a new round of memory loss for the GOP.
If you read the right's number one news site, you may have left with the feeling that Obama has decided to launch a new invasion of Iraq. Of course that feeling would be totally wrong.
Any longtime reader of this site probably knows that I love going after Matt Drudge, so it should only make sense to turn this into an actual project.