If you have been stuck in a cave somewhere, you may have missed all the blow up the past few days over comments Donald Trump has made about John McCain. But is what he's saying that far off from what Republicans really think?
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Authorities in Louisiana are investigating a car fire inside a fenced construction site of a new Planned Parenthood center that occurred Saturday. Back when I was in the fire service, I investigated quiet a few of these. Generally they aren't that hard to determine a general idea of what happened, since they usually have a very distinct point of origin. With the investigation going on this long, my guess is the point of origin is in a non-typical place or the car had just been sitting there, taking out any engine related fires. The fact that the investigation is going into its third day really makes me feel this is either a suspicious fire, or something extremely uncommon in vehicle fires. It will be interesting to find out.

I want to do a full blog on the Sam DuBose case, as this does hit right at home for me, but until then I been sitting here wondering something. Sam DuBos was pulled over for no front license plate, and there was at least two police cruisers, two officers and one officer in training on the scene. So how many cops does it take for the most minor of traffic stops? And don't the police realize that ganging up on someone for something so minor is going to make anyone defensive, which DuBose really wasn't? 

This goes to the larger narrative of needing better training and a total revamp of police relations. The average citizen breaks 3 laws per day, according to a recent study. That's because we have so many laws on the books anymore and they keep adding up. Do we really need an army of police officers to enforce every law, especially the minor ones? I believe these are serious questions that need to be answered. 


Ivana Trump has said her former husband, Donald Trump, made her feel "violated" during sex. So how does Trump respond? Through his attorney, who defends his client by saying "you can't rape your spouse." Welcome to the GOP women's rights problems of the 2016 cycle. 

In an interview with Breitbart yesterday, Mike Huckabee said the Iran deal is pushing Israelis to the "door of the oven". It shouldn't be shocking, but it still is, that Republicans love making such horrid comparisons. The fact that they so easily diminish the atrocities of Hitler into today's political disagreements shows what little compassion they have for the Jews that lived through this horrible ordeal. But President Obama isn't taking it, saying in a news conference: "The particular comments of Mr. Huckabee are I think part of just a general pattern we’ve seen ... that would be considered ridiculous if it weren’t so sad". I couldn't agree more and Mike Huckabee needs to immediately apologize to all Jewish people for his assinine comment. 

Donald Trump, in a 40 minute interview with The Hill is raising the threat of him mounting a third party run should the RNC be unfair to him. “The RNC has not been supportive. They were always supportive when I was a contributor. I was their fair-haired boy," Trump told The Hill. This must be his first go around in politics. Supporting contributors when they give money, then ignoring them later is common for any political party.

Since the shooting in Chattanooga last week, there has been a lot of finger pointing as to the reason military recruiters aren't armed. But so far the most egregious comes from Jeb Bush, who is blaming Bill Clinton for a "law". Politifact has looked into it and it turns out it wasn't a law, but rather a directive. Oh, and that directive? It wasn't issued by Bill Clinton, but rather his predecessor, George H.W. Bush. Or, as we should call him for the purpose of this post, Jeb's daddy. 

Just when I thought nothing could shock me more from the GOP field of morons, we now have one trying to blame a President for something that candidate's own father actually did. As I've always said, we are becoming more and more like Idiocracy by the day.

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