Since the SCOTUS dealt some major defeats to the rights agenda last week, Ted Cruz has been on the war path.
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I enjoy celebrating our independence every year, as well as enjoy the fireworks displays. Here in Ohio, we aren't allowed to let off fireworks, but we do have some great displays in our local towns. Of course the law banning fireworks doesn't stop people from setting them off. At 1:00 this morning I still had people around me letting off super loud mortars. That got me to thinking. We hear about towns being so financially hurt in Ohio, so why don't they do a revenue increase by enforcing the laws on fireworks? Sure, you might be thinking I'm a scrooge, and hey I love letting them off too. But if law enforcement would just go after those firing off their poppers at all hours of the night then the towns will get a little more money and the law-abiding, or at least courteous citizens will get some decent sleep. 

Jim Obergefell, was the main plaintiff in the case today that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states. He's also a fellow Cincinnatian, and seeing this picture of the Cincinnati sign outside of our convention center tonight...well it's just truly breath taking. 

Today the sister of the alleged victim of Hastert's sexual abuse spoke to ABC news. In it, she said something that really leaves me wondering.
There is one issue that candidates seem to ignore, one that costs the tech world an estimated $29 billion per year. Bernie Sanders is the perfect candidate to take on this issue and right a horrible wrong.
The possible additional occupant of the 2016 GOP clown car, Ohio Governor John Kasich, has now weighed in on the Iraq issue.
Following an attempted attack on a "draw Muhammed" even in Texas Sunday evening, will Republicans finally realize that we do face a threat that must be dealt with?
An article in the Washington Post has exposed a problem in politics, but it's not the problem they think.
Many on the left are celebrating a decision made by the Supreme Court yesterday as a win for campaign finance reform, however I find it anything but.
An Air Force veteran made news this weekend when she was arrested after trying to take a flag from protestors, which the protestors were stepping on. Quickly hailed as a hero by the right, there is more to this "patriot" than meets the eye.
A local story has social media a buzz. Let's delve into the latest story of police violence.
On day one of the Rand Paul for President campaign things went, well, let's say not as well as they would have liked
Former leader of the South Carolina GOP and infamous Twitter troll gets nabbed for domestic violence.
As investigators try to get to figure out why the co-pilot of a Germanwings jetliner crashed the plane, America's right has taken to a standard game of hate-motivated lie.
When potentially scandalous stories break, nothing beats the intertubes conspiracies.