After endorsing Hillary Clinton for President less than two weeks ago, the largest paper in the state is saying something "smells"
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Now that Iowa is behind us and the race ended the closest in the state's history, it's time for a quick reflection. I think that can be summed up by looking at social media and blogs. So just how well did Bernie do in Iowa? Well he did so well, that the Clinton supporters are out in full force trying to inform us that Bernie should just throw in the towel and give it up. As they say, welcome to the silly season!


Following up on my previous, Paul Pate, the Secretary of State of Iowa and a Republican has blasted the Cruz campaign for the mailing, calling it a "false representation of an official act". Traditionally stories like this, coming out only a couple days before voting/caucusing wouldn't have much affect on voters, but living in a time of social media, where more Americans are connected, that could very well change. 

There has already been a huge disagreement in Democratic circles over the plans of Sanders and Clinton for the nation's healthcare system, but something with Hillary's plan has not sat well, and her supporters enforce that.
A lot of talk has been on Donald Trump saying he won't attend the FOX GOP Debate Thursday night, but Fox may have ended up hurting the GOP.
The FBI and Oregon State Police have released the following statement.
Putting aside all the "my candidate this, my candidate that", which is common throughout the history of elections, something much more troubling is brewing in this primary cycle; something that can threaten the very soul of democratic principals.
My biggest fear about Hillary Clinton getting the nomination is starting to become a reality.
At the South Carolina Tea Party Conference yesterday, Trump made one of the craziest claims yet, but also attacked Ted Cruz and got met with loud boos.
The latest polling is showing Bernie Sanders gaining big ground on Hillary Clinton in early primary states. While that is happening, there are more reasons to be concerned over a possible Clinton nomination.
With the primary season really kicking into full gear, I want to ask the progressive blogosphere and online activists for a small favor to make our lives easier.
While we were all focusing on who accessed what data and did what with it, the DNC was orchestrating a perfect cover-up that no one has talked about.
While a lot of attention has been given to what Bernie Sanders campaign has gone through since the news of the DNC data breach, very little has been given to what the actual Democratic voters should be thinking.
With news that the Sanders campaign has been suspended from accessing vital voter information from the DNC, it's time to look into the real culprit of the scandal.
Leave it to the right's most cherished and vile online news source to make the holiday's biggest shopping year about race.