With the passing of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the focus must now turned on the horribly failed response of the Texas healthcare system.
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No I'm not talking about a threat of an outbreak, but rather just how reactionary we are as a nation. We have people freaking out, listening to the talking heads and politicians, instead of the medical professionals. Apparently all the doctors saying an outbreak basically won't happen here, are in some type of collusion to misinform the people so that Obama can kill of America. Then, in the next breath, they have a hissy-fit because Obama's Ebola Czar isn't a doctor. It's really mind boggling just how dumb and cowardly America has become.


Early this morning Texas officials released a statement that a healthcare worker at the hospital Thomas Eric Duncan was a patient has tested positive for Ebola. There isn't many details yet, meaning none really. Things I am interested in finding out include this person's actual job capacity, when this person was treating Duncan (was it after his diagnosis and quarantine, or before), and exactly how this person contracted it, given the fact that Ebola can only be caught through direct contact with bodily fluid and must have an entry point, such as a cut, mouth, eyes, etc. 

One of the NRA's favorite talking points is "well if they had a gun too". It's a way to urge more Americans to go out and buy guns, as that will some how make them safer. Well that was tried and tested by William Coleman III of Oregon. He was out, open and carrying his gun, when an armed robber came up and told him "I like your gun, now give it to me". William complied and was left open and not carrying

The Supreme Court declined to hear the appeals of same-sex marriage bans that have been previously overturned by the lower courts, essentially making gay marriage the law of the land in this country. Of course this doesn't set things in stone. Another case could uphold the ban and the Supreme Court could then decide to hear that case and rule for the ban, reversing what was done today. Seems like a lot of games to play with the lives of people that just want to get married, and also seems like a cowardly way out for the nation's highest court.

There was just a shooting at a high school in Louisville, Kentucky, which left one student hospitalized and an active search on for the shooter. This follows a high school shooting in North Carolina earlier, which also left a student hospitalized and the shooter in custody. When is America going to care about the future generations and take action to stop these? They say more guns is the answer, but we have a record number of guns in this country now, and a climbing rate of these shootings. That theory has fallen flat, so it's time for new action. 

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