With another cop walking free after killing a person, our country is searching for answers. Perhaps that answer isn't all that complicated.
Random thoughts and quick news

Since the brutal slaying of two New York City police officers this weekend, the political rhetoric has reached new levels of disgust. I keep seeing countless on the right saying that DeBlasio is to blame and should step down because of his handling of the protests and the anger it has left with the police with the mayor. What is not mentioned is that the police have always been against DeBlasio, even when he was a candidate. DeBlasio ran on getting rid of things like "stop and frisk", which the police wanted to keep. So to say DeBlasio should resign over the police not liking him makes me wonder when our country became a government by the people, for the police? DeBlasio is there to represent every citizen of the town, not only the police, and it's time the rhetoric panderers remember that.

Just finishing up his last presser of the year, President Obama said "Mele Kalikimaka". WTF? Shouldn't our leader be speaking ENGLISH and not some foreign language of Hawaiian? Who in the hell does he think he is????

(And this serves as my Christmas gift to Fox News. I just manufactured a little outrage for them)


Now that the GOP has retaken control of both houses of Congress, the lobbyists are in the game again with the GOP hiring up lobbyists. This is exactly what our Founding Fathers envisioned when they set forth to fight for our independence, a government by the people, for big interests. 

The family of John Crawford III, the young African-American male killed by police at an Ohio Walmart have announced today that they are filing a civil suit, naming Walmart and the Beavercreek, Ohio police as defendants. Given the information that has come out, including the video of the killing, I certainly hope they finally get some justice through the civil courts, considering the criminal system failed them miserably. 

That meme, along with others, have been flying around Facebook nonstop as a rationale for us torturing terror suspects. You know who else uses images of atrocities against their people to promote and justify their actions? Terrorists. Yes, al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezzbollah - all do the exact same thing as these people are doing. So congratulations, you are now engaging in the same practice as the worst terrorists groups the world has ever scene, and are moronic enough to think that somehow justifies your patriotism. 

A recent hack at Sony, dubbed one of the worst in history, has compromised tons of internal company documents, including the social security numbers of countless actors. In response the FBI has issued a dire warning on some very serious malware showing up, and that could be part of this. A common mode of transportation that delivers malware is through illegally copied/pirated software. Sony, who has always been one that screams loudest about illegal copies of intellectual property, was caught in 2008 using loads of pirated software on their computers. Could they still be engaging in this practice and that lead to the hack?

Following the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the attention has turned to the aftermath in Ferguson. Let's look at other riots we have seen.
After last nights humiliating defeat, Democrats need to either do a total reboot, or just give up.
Many want us to think that mandated paid sick days would be some sort of socialism, however we can now easily see that it is more a matter of public health.
With the passing of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the focus must now turned on the horribly failed response of the Texas healthcare system.
A man known to make threats against the President has a new group on Facebook and Facebook thinks it is fine and dandy
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In 2012, President Obama appeared in Cincinnati, Ohio to discuss spending on our crumbling highways and bridges. Republicans instantly called it pork, and political games, but now the reality is setting in even more.
With the leak of nude celebrity photos and Apple now trying to claim no responsibility, it's time to look at taking our business else where, and here's why.
Seems like we might have the start of a defense growing for Darren Wilson, the officer that gunned down and unarmed black teen in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.
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With all the news being about the Ebola outbreak, and with an election quickly approaching, we need to start discussing more changes to make healthcare become a right and not a commodity.
A new acquisition is announced today, continuing a troubling streak that is going to put our economy in even more risk.