America has an out of control heroin problem, and one stat can show you that our blame needs to be directed at Washington, and Republicans in particular.
Random thoughts and quick news

President Obama has just issued his third veto since becoming President, and the first one in almost five years. The bill the met its fate via the powerful veto pen? Keystone Pipeline. Way to go Mr. President!


Why on earth USA Today gives a weekly column to this asshat is beyond me. It takes a bit to get to his subtle point, but towards the end:

So when the five-day wonder of questioning Barack Obama's patriotism is over, perhaps we should address another question: How patriotic is the electorate? And how long can we survive as a nation if the answer is "not very"? And we should proceed from there.

And that's how the right thinks about the majority of this country - that we are unpatriotic dolts, voting for a man to destroy this country. 

With all the talk of the Wisconsin governor being the GOP hopeful in 2016, perhaps we should ask ourselves if we really want another leader who will put our country into more debt to give the rich another tax cut. Even more, do we want one who will just flat our not pay our debtors to pay for these tax cuts, as Scott Walker is doing? If this is the definition of responsibility to the GOP, I'll take the other any day of the week. 

Silence comes from the pro-life crowd with this horrific story out of Georgia, where a cop beat a pregnant woman so hard she had a miscarriage, for simply not liking her tone. I guess #fetuslivesmatter only applies when a bunch of politicians can actually tell a woman what to do with her body. 

Two late breaking stories taking the country by storm. First off we have Jon Stewart announcing he is retiring from The Daily Show. Then within an hour, NBC announces that Brian Williams will be suspended for six months without pay. Definitely a lot to absorb, and I'm sure I'll have more on it tomorrow.

A teen girl wasn't looking forward to starting her new job at a pizza place and decided to complain about it on Twitter. When her new boss caught wind of it, he decided to fire her on Twitter. Let's face it, kids can be dumb and do dumb things. That's why we have age requirements on certain things. But the actions by her employer are very unprofessional, if not totally idiotic. Perhaps a phone call or wait until she actually drug herself into work, then fire her, but to do it in a public forum like Twitter could risk some civil action, especially since the teen never even mentioned the place.

Now that Obama has delivered his second to last State of the Union address, it's time to lookback at what was said.
Obama is excepted to announce a new tax plan at Tuesday's State of the Union, meant to help out the struggling middle class. But when you look deeper into it, you see what is really going on.
Why should prosectures indict cops, or people trust our justice system, when we see cases like this?
Please allow me to give my perspective on the plot to poison Boehner from a Cininnati person.
With Mike Huckabee announcing he was leaving Fox News this weekend, to explore a possible presidential run in 2016, we're once again reminded of the problems with our electoral system.
Tis' the season. Gifts exchanged, drunken parties, family, friends, oh and the annual dispute between networks and carriers. The most interesting one of this season is happning right now.
With another cop walking free after killing a person, our country is searching for answers. Perhaps that answer isn't all that complicated.
Following the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the attention has turned to the aftermath in Ferguson. Let's look at other riots we have seen.
After last nights humiliating defeat, Democrats need to either do a total reboot, or just give up.
Many want us to think that mandated paid sick days would be some sort of socialism, however we can now easily see that it is more a matter of public health.
With the passing of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, the focus must now turned on the horribly failed response of the Texas healthcare system.
A man known to make threats against the President has a new group on Facebook and Facebook thinks it is fine and dandy