June 9, 2005 /

Please Save Our Great Nation

Why is it that the Senate Intelligence Committee is holding their hearings in secret, behind close doors, debating the changes to make to the Patriot Act? Do they feel that the terrorists might keep up on it and get a heads up on what could come out of it? Nah..I don’t think so. In fact […]

Why is it that the Senate Intelligence Committee is holding their hearings in
secret, behind close doors, debating the changes to make to the Patriot Act? Do
they feel that the terrorists might keep up on it and get a heads up on what
could come out of it? Nah..I don’t think so. In fact it is my opinion that they
are being so secretive on the changes to the Patriot Act because they know if
Americans found out the plans they have for it, it could cause an up rise of
pissed of patriots in the United States.

Ok we are out fighting in Iraq trying to spread democracy and freedom.
Soldiers are dying for this cause. Citizens are dying for this cause. This
campaign is costing this country billions and destroying our image around the
world. But in a secret room in the Capitol, some of our very own elected
officials, the people we put in power to represent us are trying to shred our
right even further by giving the FBI greater power over subpoenas without
judicial oversight.

The first Patriot Act has already come under heavy fire from groups such as
the ACLU. It is coined as being a reduction of rights in America. Even in
Michael Moore’s award winning documentary Fahrenheit 911 he talks about a group
in California being infiltrated by law enforcement and considered a threat
because of their actions. Actions like sitting around, supporting Democratic
candidates and eating pies. These are horrible terrorists in deed.

The new revisions to the Patriot Act will allow the government to seize ISP
records and conduct searches without a judge issuing a search warrant – a total
disregard to the 4th amendment. Also they if you divulge the subpoena you could
be sent to prison for up to 1 year. Further more they do not have to notify you
if they are going to search your residence. They can just come in when your away
at work and ruffle through your belongings. Any opponent would have to agree
that this will lead to even more corruption in the government. If they are
searching your house and no one is there to dispute them, what is to stop them
from bringing in their evidence or logging on to your computer and visit some
Al-Queda web sites? This would give them all they need to scream “terrorist”.

So they are holding these meetings, trying to take away our rights even more
and not let the public know about it. We are coming more and more to a time
where our government is acting in the ways of Nazi Germany. Take for example HR
1528, introduced to congress by Congressman Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.). This bill
would require you to act as a snitch for the government if someone you know is
using drugs. So your child could have smoked a joint, you could of punished
them, got them into rehab, whatever but if you don’t inform the authorities of
this, then you will go to jail. This exactly the kinds of requirements the
people of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had imposed on them.

This is just another example of the scary times we are living it. Our
government’s continued dismissal of our rights is doing nothing but showing the
terrorists who attacked us on September 11 that they have won. What could be a
greater booty for them than to see the freedoms we possess and that they hate us
for so much (as per our President) get taken away. George might as well pull the
troops out of Afghanistan now because we have lost the war on terror. It is
over, finished, done. Osama has come out victorious because we are now taking
away what you consider the principal reason they attacked us. The Patriot Act 2
is going to strip our rights as Americans even more.

Perhaps they are afraid of us knowing the truth about what is to come under
Patriot Act 2 because they know once we do then there is going to be marches and
protests beyond belief in this country. Where as they can hide the facts
surrounding it, pass it, then anyone who even tries to organize such a protest
would get raided by the FBI.

This is going to do nothing but divide our country even more, and possibly
cause an uprising in America. People were shocked when we were attacked on
September 11, 2001. They couldn’t believe such a horrible thing would happen to
us or in the world. WAKE UP AMERICA. September 11, 2001, while a horrible blood
filled day, was in fact a wake up call to America. We joined rest of the world
that day. It was nothing new. It was just now being brought to our backyards.
Something else that happens in these countries that we feel aren’t apart of our
world – uprisings to over throw dictators. I have confidence in the citizens of
this country that they will not sit back much longer and let their rights get
trampled, their government lie to them in order to send our soldiers off to die
in a false war, our jobs get shipped out to overseas, or our corporations get
richer off the hard work of Americans. The people of this country need to stand
up and be heard that we are tired of it and we are not going to take this

I am a tax payer and a citizen of what was once the greatest nation on the
face of the planet. It truly saddens me to see everything our forefathers worked
feverishly for and died for get thrown away by some money hungry, greedy
politicians. They think they are doing what is right for America. How can
shredding our constitution and bill of rights be right for America? That is why
i am making my own proclamation today in order to try and steer off a dark and
dismal future for our country.

We the people of these United States of America, holding true the values and
visions our forefathers bestowed upon us with the founding of this great nation
hereby denounce the actions of our government. Our current leadership is leading
this country into the darkest hour we have faced as a nation since the tragic
civil war, and wish to avoid it. We feel that the actions of our law makers do
not suit the best interests of our nation and should be removed. Furthermore we
the people are calling for a change of arms in our administration and on capital
hill as a last resort to save our nation.

Please help me in getting the word out that our country is facing a grave
danger. This is surely leading to a time when we will be looking at radical
groups come out of hiding and cause the biggest political divide our country has
ever seen. We are looking down the barrel of a gun being held by Congress and the
President and we need to muzzle it. I for one will not go silently into the
night as our leaders destroy this once great country so that them and their
corporate donators can get even richer!!!

Also please sign this
to fight HR1528.

Thank You

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