May 29, 2014 /

Drudging The Story #1

Any longtime reader of this site probably knows that I love going after Matt Drudge, so it should only make sense to turn this into an actual project.

Drudging The Story #1

The Drudge Report is the goto source of news links for many in the beltway, as well as the mainstream media. But who really has time to read all those stories? Instead, most people look at the headline Drudge posts and that becomes the story. Today I am starting documentation of how this practice leads into a world of misinformation.

Drudging the Story #1

Drudge is pushing a story of a man being detained for “touching” the face of Brad Pitt (Drudge archive link). Seems minor enough, until you click over to the actual story, which describes what happened as a “hit” to the face right at the top of the story:

Would this have been Fred Thompson or Ted Nugent, then Drudge would most likely have the flashing lights out and a huge headline reading “Star violently assaulted”, but┬ásince the right considers Brad Pitt part of the “Hollywood, liberal elitists”, a hit to the face is actually nothing more than a “touch”

And that’s today’s lesson in Drudging the Story.

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