May 15, 2014 /

Mr. President, Where Do You Stand On Net Neutrality?

With net neutrality on its death bed, where is our President and Democratic leadership?

Mr. President, Where Do You Stand On Net Neutrality?

Today the FCC moved ahead with their plans to tier out the internet. The vote passed the commission 3-2, right along party lines. To make this really interesting, Net Neutrality has picked up a very unexpected ally:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, wants Congress to ban “the FCC’s latest adventure in ‘net neutrality,’ ” saying the proposed changes to Internet regulations would damage the industry.

“A five-member panel at the FCC should not be dictating how Internet services will be provided to millions of Americans,” Cruz said in aWednesday afternoon statement. “I will be introducing legislation that would remove the claimed authority for the FCC to take such actions, specifically the Commission’s nebulous Sec. 706 authority. More than $1 trillion has already been invested in broadband infrastructure, which has led to an explosion of new content, applications, and Internet accessibility. Congress, not an unelected commission, should take the lead on modernizing our telecommunications laws. The FCC should not endanger future investments by stifling growth in the online sector, which remains a much-needed bright spot in our struggling economy.”

That’s very interesting considering that the right has always fought against net neutrality, while the left has always supported it. 

But the most troubling part of all about this is the absolute silence coming from our President, a man who once said he was a strong supported of net neutrality. Here’s an ad from MoveOn with the President in his own words:

Of course we are talking about the same man who said he supported a single payer plan as an option for healthcare reform, then turned around and said it was never an option. I am just really interested to see how the Obamabots will respond to this. Will they try and twist it into Obama is opposed to what his former telecom whore, turned head of the FCC, Tom Wheeler is doing, or will they twist it into Obama was never for net neutrality? Only time will tell on that, but as someone who owns a business that depends on an open internet, I strongly oppose what the FCC is doing right now and am thoroughly pissed at the silence of our President on the issue. Him and other leaders in the Democratic Party really need to come out and let us know where they stand, because as of right now they are destroying the support they have in the tech sector. 

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