November 27, 2015 /


Leave it to the right's most cherished and vile online news source to make the holiday's biggest shopping year about race.


If you had to the Drudge Report right now, that’s what you’ll see at the top. One of Drudge’s oldest techniques of trying to be cute with headlines, while pushing an alternative view of what’s happening.

Look at that picture he posted with his cutesy hashtag. Black people trying to get what appears to be the final TV, while that poor white worker tries to keep the calm! How appaling!! 

But there’s a problem. That picture wasn’t taken today, yesterday, or even this year. It’s from Black Friday 2014 and was taken in Wembley, London.

Actually I am rather shocked this morning. I’ve been looking for news of Black Friday fights, stampedes and everything else, and not really finding many. As matter of fact that only thing I see constantly popping up happened at a mall in Louisville, Kentucky, and occurred last night. Here’s the video, which was posted on Twitter.

There was a few other fights, like this one at Florence Mall in Kentucky:

And apparently a Walmart in Texas saw a bunch of fights break out. There are a few videos and pictures out there, but this one really stands out:

Notice the lady stealing the steamer from the little girl? Funny that Drudge doesn’t post that image. He does link to it as “WOMAN STEALS VEGGIE STEAMER FROM CHILD, WRESTLES MOTHER…” Of course I can’t help but think if that was a white girl and a black woman stealing the steamer, the headline would be something totally different.

Still, there does seem to be a big drop in stories over the past several years, so I’m wondering if we are just not hearing about them as much, that maybe violence on Black Friday has become an accepted norm, or if people are actually out shopping and left their inner-savage at home?

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