October 25, 2018 /

On News Of Two More Bombing Targets, Trump Names His Suspect

Our country is under attack and we are without leadership. Will America survive?

Not me Trump

After the news of yesterday which informed us that bombs had been sent to the Clintons, Obamas, Maxine Walters (x2),  Eric Holder (this was returned to Debbie Wassermann Schultz) and CNN, all of which followed the proceeding days news of a bomb being sent to George Soros, we find that two more bombs have been sent. 

The first one broke last night. Reports started coming in that they were searching for a package that was sent to Joe Biden, but had the wrong address. This morning that package was discovered

At the same time as the Biden package was being reported, news also broke that another suspicious package had been discovered at the New York offices of Robert DeNiro, another strong Trump critic. 

And while all this is going on. While our nation is on edge. While postal carriers, truck drivers, law enforcement and people just going to work and walking down the street are put at risk of life or serious injury, our “President” takes to his favorite platform to lay blame for all this.

So not only is he blaming the media, but read that final sentence. It sounds like he is also threatening them. Not this this is out of the norm for egotistical-dictator-wannabe, but today? 

I saw countless people on the right making jokes and dismissing what we saw yesterday. From the signs outside the debate in Florida to Rush Limbaugh claiming Democrats are behind this, the larger issue seems to be missed. This isn’t about politicians you disagree with, or news organizations you don’t like. This is about the very fabric of our nation, and more specifically about our Constitutional rights.

Our 1st Amendment guarantees all Americans the right to free speech. It does not guarantee any American the right to bomb and try and kill people with whom they disagree. 

I can’t put it any simpler but to say that we are in a time when our country is under attack. Our Constitution is under attack. And we have a President giving aid and comfort to the terrorists. We have a Republican Party so blinded by loyalty that they are unwilling to stand up. America is on the brink and we have no leadership right now.

That should be the scariest thing this Halloween season. 

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