December 14, 2018 /

Did Giuliani Just Admit To Trump’s Crimes?

For a man who “only hires the best.” Donald Trump’s lead attorney sure puts his foot in his mouth.

Things have been really interesting since the Michael Cohen sentencing a couple of days ago. We’re finding out more of the backroom deals being made to conceal things from the public, and that another key player, David Pecker of AMI, which owns the National Enquirer, is spilling the beans on it all as well.

With all the bad news for Donald Trump and his legal team coming out this week, it should be no shock to find out that they might all be a little rattled. But should that rattling lead to admitting to the crimes of the President? I ask, because that sure seems to be what Rudy Giuliani did this morning in an interview with the Daily Beast.

Giuliani, trying to downplay everything, calling what we have found out so far “overblown”, he decided to take it a step further. “Nobody got killed, nobody got robbed,” Giuliani told Daily Beast reporters in a phone interview.

Nobody got killed or robbed? That’s now the defense of the Trump team? If so then let’s go ahead and #LockHimUp right now. 

And the part of no one getting robbed. Yeah, that’s priceless. You know who got robbed? Hillary Clinton and the majority of voters in this country that voted for her. The United States of America got robbed. But hey, we’ve known all along that Republicans really don’t care about our country nor the people. All they care about is power. If you need more proof of that, just look at what’s happening in North Carolina

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