February 19, 2019 /

Fake News Season Is On And We Still Haven’t Learned

Americans must be more vigilant than ever when it comes to reading things online.

Yes the silly season is kicking in. The past couple of days I’ve noticed an uptick in sharing of an article blasting Bernie Sanders:

I won’t bother linking or actually copying and pasting the article. I will point at that at the very end, it does say this:

I have not problem at all with satire and actually commend this author for marking his piece as such. My real problem is with the lazy Americans, including those on the left, that simply see a headline and “OMG!!!! it’s on the internet and must be true!” But that isn’t even the biggest problem.

After the push of fake news during the 2016 election, especially from the Russian troll farms, social media vowed to take a harsh approach to squashing items. Sadly this isn’t happening. This is appearing as a regular news article on social media with no indication that it is satire or anything.

So with over a year and a half to go until the general election, buckle up! We see now that our next several months are going to be full of fake news, people arguing why it isn’t fake, people pushing back and headaches over all. Just wake me up when November, 2019 gets here.

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