What About Blackwell?

There is a lot of talk going on right now about Michael Steele and what his future holds. There has been talk of him joining Bush's cabinet and even talk that he might replace Ken Mehlman.

With all that speculation, there seems to be something missing. We have another out of work politician that has been loved by the Bush family. What about Ken Blackwell? Blackwell served in Bush 41's administration and is unemployed come first of the year.

Considering all the troubles going on with HUD right now and their secretary, I am wondering if this will become the new job from Blackwell. He did serve as under-secretary for HUD from 1989-1990. True Bush could really scare us and end up appointing him to succeed John Bolton. Blackwell also has experience at the UN, serving as our ambassador to the Human Rights Commission from 1992-1993.

So will Bush come to the rescue of the man who gave him the Presidency in 2004? I am really expecting to see this.