Because Payback Is A Bitch

During the Bush years any dissent we showed on the left from the Bush policies was met with a fear of retribution from our government. The Pentagon even spent resources spying on protestors during the Bush years. This at a time when our nation was in two very deadly wars.

Well here we are with a Democratic President in the White House, and now the Department of Homeland Security is looking into the threats from right wing extremists.

The revelation came from a declassified report (pdf here) put out by DHS. Now the right is screaming about it.

Now let’s think. Our Department of Homeland Security is taking a look at groups of people, who are out stock piling weapons and ammunition and even hinting at the assassination of our President. But now the very people, who just a couple of years ago were calling for left wing protestors to be jailed, are now crying foul.

Cry me a fucking river you bunch of hypocrites. This is America – love it or leave it. Our side of the debate was told that repeatedly for the past eight years and now that the tide has turned, the right has got their panties in a bunch.

When the left was under this kind of government scrutiny. Wait. When we were under a stronger scrutiny, considering the fact that the military was watching us, we didn’t run and stock pile guns and ammos and talk about killing Bush. We went about our business and continued our protests.

And finally. How many left wing extremists went out and killed police officers because of their hatred for George Bush? Yeah – that’s what I thought.