Oh The Politics Of Crime!

CNN just reported that White House spokesperson, Dana Perino, was asked about Harry Reid's statement. She quickly turned it around to say that the "Democrats will use this for politics".

I guess it was fine and dandy for the Republicans to use a blow job for politics in the Clinton years, but when it comes to obstructing the investigation of a CIA agent who was outed while discrediting one of the main reasons for the Iraq War, then politics should not be used?

Bull shit!

This case was about politics from day one. The politics involved the White House trying to discredit someone with opposing views. The politics involved the White House being involved in the outing of a CIA agent just so they could sell their case for a war based upon flawed intelligence.

Harry Reid and the Democrats using Scooter for political gain has no consequences. The White House's political game that caused all this has cost over 3,000 American lives and countless Iraqi lives. Someone needs to smack Perino for trying to down play this so much. Who has she lost in the war? Who has Bush and Cheney lost in the war?